Song lyrics- People that really like a new song and want to put it as their status so other people can see that they have a great taste in music. People will comment saying I love that song or reciting other lyrics to show that they also know the song and have a good taste in music. Others put song lyrics that remind them of a  him/her and want  to notice its about them, but that doesn't happen to often. More than half the time the only person to pay attention are his/her best friend that will ask whats the matter.

Diary entries-  Even thought the stats box says what's on your mind, some people think it means to write their inner thoughts. You could see a status that talks about how him/her is so upset about the opposite sex, how they cant find "love" and so on. People will most likely just ignore the status or get annoyed because you don't really need to hear all of that.

Tagging frenzy- No matter how many friends you really have, some people tag as many of their friends as possible to show everyone else how popular they are. Some would even combined diary entries and tagging and describe there day to facebook with play by plays and who they were with. Also many people will put an inside joke as their status and tag their friend. No one gets the joke but the two people so its best to ignore it unless you want to hear about their entire day