While watching college football on TV
The school I followed was down by three
Against a team that was at the bottom of all the polls
Now, I know every team has its ups and downs
But throughout the season I’ve seen a lot of frowns
And all the losing had certainly taken its toll

Well this team I followed so faithfully
Had been doing great until recently
Not long ago they had won the championship
They continued to stay on top of their game
Until this year when they started getting lame
So I’ve decided to change and make a flip

Of course I only root for the best
So finding a new team was no test
Just had to take a look at this year’s ranking
I checked and compared all of the polls
And picked me a team that would take the role
Of the team I would follow without thinking

Now since all I wore was orange and white
I only thought that it would be right
To lose the colors that once brought me glee
I donated a lot to goodwill that day
And bought new colors that would be sure to stay
As long as my new team didn’t fail me

Well I didn’t know nothing ‘bout my new school
I googled their history so I didn’t look like a fool
In front of any of my other fellow football fans
I studied and memorized old player stats
And learned a whole lot of fun facts
Not looking like a noob was all part of the plan

I talked up my team around all my friends
And recounted all of their impressive wins
I know I must annoy the crap out of them
I talk down to and joke with my new rivalries
Even though I failed to attend a university
But who cares I know my team is going to win

Maybe one day I’ll attend a game
For now my paycheck is the one to blame
But I’m happy to watch on my big screen
I’ll bet on my team at every chance
And hope to the playoffs we will advance
Because that’s where I can rake in the green 

If they ever fail as my last team did
I’ll find a new school on which to bid
Just have to jump on the next bandwagon
I know that I really have no reason
To follow any team throughout a season
But I do because I’m just a T-shirt fan