#1: The YouTube Sensation

Have a car? This guy will jump over it. Got a phone book? He'll tear it in half. He'll record it all and toss it up on YouTube, where hundreds of thousands of people will watch the video. One thing they won't be watching, though: video of his football highlights. He doesn't have any. Somehow being able to beat a horse in a foot race and grab a quarter off the top of a basketball backboard hasn't translated into on-field success for this guy. Oh, well. He wouldn't give up even a single "Like- or comment on YouTube for a 12-season NFL career, so he's happy.

#2: The Fan Favorite

He might not be the best player on the team – in fact, he might be the worst player who makes it onto the field with any regularity – but he "plays the game the right way.- This walk-on is "all hustle and scrappiness,- and "never gives up on a play.- Sure he might not "play on Sundays after he graduates,- but fans love this young man's "enthusiasm and love for the game.- Oh, and in case you hadn't already figured it out, this player is almost always "white.-