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In between 6th and 7th grade I built two decks of Pokemon cards. Then I spent most of the summer dueling myself on a playmat in my room by myself.

I'm getting married next week. I had my bride-to-be's ring made out of palladium instead of gold or silver, because that's what Iron Man's core is made from.

My professor was using superheroes to illustrate a point in class and referred to Thor as having "radioactive powers." I was so mad that I walked out.

i just had a fight with my girlfriend because she was playing MW2 with other guys. I felt cheated on.

The other day I had a bit of music stuck in my head. I started to sound it out on the guitar and made it into a nice little metal tune. One of my friends recognized it. I had accidentally written the boss fight music from Final Fantasy VII. I haven't even played that game in years.

I lost my first tooth during an intense bout of Chip's Challenge. I was so focused on beating the level that I fiddled with the tooth for three hours before I realized it had fallen out.

I once ditched an entire day of classes to win a sword in a WoW auction.

And our first ever Pwn My Life / Parents Just Don't Understand crossover:
A few days before Halo Reach came out, I posted my Facebook status as "Raped ODST with Curt in preparation for Halo Reach." My mom saw it and sent me a long message about how's she's concerned about me that I would use the word rape and provided me with a link to the Wikipedia definition of the word.