Lots of you guys when someone says percy jackson you think " oh thats the movie". Not only. Percy Jackson is the name of a (in my opinion) a great book. The book is about a boy named Percy he lives with his mom and stepdad although he hates his stepfather he must live on. One day though he finds out that he is a demi-god (half god half human)…. and that changes his life. From now on he is a half boy half god and there is no backing out he has to fight the dangers that await, will the great prophecy be fulfilled or will the time of mount olympus and the gods end….

Percy and his companions have a lot to discover but will they unravel the truth in time.
As I said I really like these books and i find them very interesting and in my opinion the move was really bad compared to the books. In the movie our hero Percy just accepts it immediately that he is a demi god and has a few awesome powers, but in real life no one absolutely no one would be like "ok im a demi god cool,now lets fight monsters" the first time someone told them they are a demigod.

All together i rate the move 5/10 for the plot and 8/10 for how it looked and the book i rate 9 or 10/10.So if you like greek mythology and like reading i strongly recommend it