My girlfriend (now ex) used to always tell me about what she learned in her classes and tell what she had to do for homework on any given night; she would then get upset at me for not doing the same.  I am  third year chemical engineering student and knew she would have no idea what I was talking about if I ever mentioned what I was doing in any of my classes. So as to not make her feel bad, I kept my mouth shut for a while.  Eventually I decided I couldn't take getting yelled at for something so silly and tried to explain the steps for a problem I was working on.  Apparently that was not the right move as she wouldn't talk to me the rest of the night for "making her feel dumb."  To try and find a middle ground I thought I could talk about history since I took a world history class the semester prior, but not 20 seconds into a talk about Egypt she turns and asks me, "yeah too bad Egypt isn't around anymore."  I then went back to letting her get angry over not talking about school.