We all know this guy. For one thing, he is a guy, and in case that was not apparent to you he's going to prove how much of a guy he is by playing only the most testosterone driven games. First Person Shooters (or as he might say, games where you shoot stuff), Sports games (by which he means Madden Football, and probably not FIFA Futball), and Racing games (not included in the Sports genre because this is the game where he goes to "pimp- his virtual "ride,- which has little to do with Football). The covers of his game collection proudly display Tiger Woods, Drew Brees, or some other noteworthy athlete who got famous enough to hock his or her (but not really her) own game. When he's not virtually dribbling the golfball down the rink (I…I don't know sports games…) he's most likely either teabagging noobs in Halo, or pulling 360 no-scopes in Call Of Duty.