It's Comedy Week at and that means sex advice from a different comedian every day this week. Get excited.

You tour a lot. During your travels, which city or region have you found to be the sexiest?

I've had a lot of sex in Seattle, probably more than any other place. But it doesn't necessarily pop into my mind as the sexiest place. But, I'd say that Australia is a sexy place. The women who I've been there are sexy in this really interesting way. They're are more aggressive; they take charge. And that's incredibly refreshing, because generally in the United States, people aren't as direct about sexual matters. What ends up happening here, as a guy – most the time, at least – is that you end up doing all of the, "Hey, how about this? Hey, I like you.- And there's a response to that, but you have to actuate it. Australia is more straightforward, kind of like the United States in the early or mid '80s. But that's Australia for you. Just living in a time warp.

You recently toured the country with Conan O'Brien. What's the kinkiest thing you've seen him do?

It's less kinky and more gross and weird, but I'd have to say it was Conan licking Jimmy LaBamba's face. He would do this during the show on many, many nights. Just one man licking another man's sweaty, bald head. It's not the nicest thing to see. I could only watch it a couple of times.