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I'd been dating this girl for a few weeks, and after hooking up the night before, we decided to have some morning sex. My apartment didn't have air conditioning, so it was about 140 degrees in my room. Anyways, I was on bottom the entire time, and when we finished, I went to get a glass of water. When I came back she was staring at my bed sheet with a look of amazement. Apparently, My ass was so sweaty that it left a huge sweat stain. I figured she was completely grossed out until she started laughing and said one of the greatest things ever…"Holy sh*t it looks like the Batman symbol!" It totally looked like the batman symbol.


So my boyfriend and I were watching tv the other night and I was really in the mood and wanted to be spontaneous so i asked him if he wanted to watch porn on his laptop! He declined because he didn't want to have to turn on his computer.


My now ex girlfriend had one of those stupid "are you meant to be" quiz's for me to fill out one day as a joke. The joke turned out to be not so funny when I couldn't answer the 2nd question… her birthday.


My girlfriend and I were together for nearly two years until I chose to break things off. She cried, and begged me not to. A few days later she came to return some of my things. She returned all of the cheap stuff like hoodies, and also the box in which I had given her a promise ring. The ring and an expensive necklace, however, were absent. She started openly dating someone less than a week later, and admitted that she cheated on me with him long-term. Apparently the ring and necklace ended up in a pawn shop. She had given me a few naked pictures and some of her underwear. I gave them back- via her parents' mailbox.


In my first year of University, my boyfriend came to stay for the weekend. He'd just arrived around 8pm, and we were both hungry, but also both rather horny.. Whilst deciding what to have for dinner, one thing led to another and we started fooling around.. My boyfriend has always been a big eater, but I have to say I was still a little surprised when I literally had his thing in my mouth and he was still mentioning food. So I gave him a choice – a BJ or a tuna sandwich. He chose the sandwich.


My girlfriend is fucking stupid…. and I hate her.


I was woken up one night at my girlfriends' because she was taking the covers off me to put them over her dog.