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One time my roommate left a pizza out, it started to smell and he refused to get rid of it so, to balance out the smell I sprayed a can of Axe on that pizza and he ate it complaining how it tasted metallic.

Jesse L from Radtown

One summer, my roommate decided that he was going to work out and get into shape. He bought a big tub of the protein powder to make shakes. One day, I dumped out half and filled it up with hot cocoa powder. I wasn't mad and he was like my best friend, I just felt like screwing with him.
Pete M from University of Delaware

I pissed in your steam iron, sorry piss mist.
Froth Man

A few years back, I came home late and bored. While parking my car I spotted 2 raccoons and started to chase them for no good reason. Somehow I managed to catch one with my bare hands and thought it may be fun to try and domesticate it. Not having a cage, I put that sucker in my roommate's bathroom with a note taped outside saying "Animal inside, take pictures", and then went to bed. I was awoke by a pissed off phone call asking what the hell was in the bathroom. I said a raccoon had wandered in the house when I left the back porch door open. The last laugh was on me though. That little sucker had managed to thrash the bathroom and smear a solid layer of poop knee high all over the floors and walls. Despite all my scrubbing, there was still some raccoon turd imbedded in the tile grout.
Flash Johnson from University of Akron

This year I'm living in a townhouse with three guys I'm friends with, and six girls on the floors below us. One of these chicks is a bitch with a really loud, annoying voice that pierces through the walls. The other day she came upstairs to yell at us that shes freezing and wants us our thermostat. Today we commenced Operation Freezeout, and lowered it all the way down. In the half hour we went out to get food, she came upstairs and raised it without saying a word to us, so me and my engineering roommate took the thermostat apart and inserted a paper clip, so no matter what the temperature setting on the outside, it is always set to freezing. I hope you brought your winter clothes because its about to get real cold.
Dirt N from TCNJ

Hey Roomie, remember a few months ago when my sister and two year old niece came over to the apartment and you knowing they were coming decided to have sex with your boyfriend really loudly? Well I remember when you told me about how afraid you are of Barbies. I hope you have fun flipping sh*t when you wake up with those Barbies glued to your wall, scattered on the floor and hanging from your ceiling fan. Toodles Bitch!
Bailey N.

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