Tiger: Alright, is everyone here?
Puma: No, Lion is running a little late, but we can start without him.
Tiger: Okay. So, as we all may know, it is time to elect a new big cat to be –
Lynx: Rwaaa.
Puma: Shut the f*** up Lynx!
Tiger: Puma! We will have no such speaking in thisĀ meeting. Now, let me continue.. It is time to elect a new big cat to be the king of the jungle. Yes, I know not all big cats live in the jungle, so put your paw down snow leapord.
Snow Leapord: But..
Tiger: No! If you wish to forfeit from the election , leave!
Lion: Alright Alright! I'm here. Who's in charge?
Tiger: I guess it would be –
Lion: It doesn't matter anymore scrubs, we ALL know who is winning this election.
Liger: Mee?
Lion: No! Not you, you're imaginary!
Tiger: Actually lion, he's not..
Liger: Yea, I'm pretty sure I'm real.
Lion: Whatever, that doesn't matter. All you need to know, is you're voting for me. Otherwise, you're going to have to deal with my little friends.
Tiger: You wouldn't dare lion!
Puma: Yea, you wouldn't dare!
Tiger: I will mess you up if you tried!
Puma: Yea, I'll mess you up!
Tiger: Puma, stop mimicing me.
Lion: Yea puma, it's really annoying.
Puma: Okay , okay, fine.
Lion: Anyway, if you don't vote for me, I'llĀ F you up!
Tiger: Yea right. Who is gonna vote for Lion, exactly?
Puma: Not me!
Snow Leapord: Uhh…
Tiger: Exactly why the hell would you vote for him Snow Leapord?!
Snow Leapord: He has my wife.
Tiger: What the heck?! Why does he have your wife!?
Lion: Hehe, long night back in reno..
Lion: I'd rather not get into that.
Snow Leapord: Can anyone help? I haven't seen her in three years, and my kids are starting to be a bit of a nuisance.
Tiger: Alright, Alright! Vote for me, and you can get your wife back snow leapord.
Lion: And exactly how do you expect that to happen, Tiger?
Tiger: You'll see.
Lion: Whatever Noob, Just vote for me. If you don't vote for me, let's just say you can meet my very good friend, Mr.Cliff.
Tiger: So you're going to push them off a cliff?
Lion: What, is that a problem?
Tiger: Not really, I just figured with an ego like yours you could come up with some better ideas.
Lion: Ah, shut up Tiger.
Lynx: Rwaaa!!