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My now fiancé and I first started dating after we learned that we both named our pets after Pokemon.


My freshman year of high school I met the world's most incredible girl. She liked collegehumor and Call of Duty and skied pro and was amazing in every way. Not to mention she was by far the hottest girl in the grade. We got to flirting and I found out she liked me. I was all ready to ask her out, when, a period before I would've one of my upper classmen friends noticed me hanging out with her. "Hey," he said, "that's the girl that gave me head last year!" He then explained how he didn't even know her when it happened. I heard variations of the same story from 10 other guys that day.


My boyfriend and I go to different universities. I drove 4 hours to visit him for the weekend. He proceeded to spend the first 8hrs after i got there playing COD.


I was reading Issue 69 of Dating It's Complicated (hehe 69 it's no 71 but it's still pretty amusing!) and when I got to the second to last article I misread "Several years ago when I was in high school, I was enjoying getting intimate with a semi-serious girlfriend." for "Several years ago when I was in high school, I was enjoying getting intimate with a semi-conscious girlfriend.". Turns out it's even funnier when you misread it!


My roommate's girlfriend actually tried to make him feel better by telling him, get this, that his dick was bigger than all his friends.


My ex-highschool girlfriend would often times come over to have dinner at my house with my family before going to her volleyball practice. She wouldn't drink milk, she claimed it was because if she drank it, and then started to jump around, or whatever they do in volleyball, that it would turn to cottage cheese.


3 years ago a girl hugged me in a friendly way in front of my current girlfriend. To this day, not only she remembers her full name and address, but she regularly asks me how she's doing and to describe my conversations with her. She claims she is not jealous.


My now ex-girlfriend didn't want me to ejaculate when we were having sex…she said it would make her upset.