Stacey: …And that's how I became a lawyer. And what did you say you did again?

Ryu: Oh, I'm a street fighter.

Stacey: Huh?

Ryu: I fight people on the street. Street fighter.

Stacey: Like, hobos?

Ryu: No. Well, sometimes. Okay, often. But sometimes I fight other super fighters. Like my best friend Ken.

Stacey: You fight your best friend?

Ryu: Yes. Also my enemies, though. That part makes more sense.

Stacey: And you do this exclusively on streets.

Ryu: Well, sometimes in arenas, or secret labs. But yeah, often we fight on streets. Like, definitely more than actual fighters should be.

Stacey: Maybe you should do something more important. Than, like attacking hobos. Do you make anything from this?