Ever wonder what happened on LOST when Kate, Sawyer, Claire, Miles, Frank and Richard left the island. Here are the lost pages of the finale’s script, where we see them on the plane after the plane leaves the island.

Frank: We did it! We’re out of here!

Frank, Miles and Richard celebrate. Kate, Sawyer and Claire do not.

Richard: What’s wrong? I thought this was what you guys wanted.

Sawyer: You guys were really going to leave without us?

Kate: Yeah, what was up with that?

Claire: That was a really dick move.

Frank: You abandoned your child and left him in the middle of a jungle. Don’t lecture us.

Richard: And you killed one of my friends.

Miles: The island was literally sinking. We couldn’t just wait for you guys.

Sawyer: I was your best friend for the past three years. We time traveled together. Apparently that means nothing to you.

Kate: Oh, and by the way, while you were trying to run away, we helped kill Locke.

Frank: Yeah guys, they do have a point. After all, they were so upset when they thought I died in the submarine explosion. Oh wait, you didn’t. You guys all worked your asses off to save Sun but no one thought to see if I was OK.

Miles: By the way, wouldn’t Locke have died anyway if the island sank. He said the only way he could have escaped was to get on the plane.

Kate: Shit, we never thought of that.

Sawyer: I guess you didn’t need to shoot him.

Richard: THAT’S all we had to do? Shoot him?

Kate: No, that only worked because Desmond pulled out the cork at the heart of the Island.

Richard: What “heart”? I’ve lived here for over a hundred years, I never heard anything about a “heart”

Sawyer: Yeah, it was kind of a cop-out.

Claire: You know, I just started thinking about Aaron. What kind of psychological problems do you think a toddler will develop when he finds out the woman raising him wasn’t really his mother and that his real mother is bat-shit crazy?

Frank: I’m just wondering why I didn’t turn the plane around when Jack told me that it was going to crash on the island. I could have saved a lot of lives.

Miles: Yeah, all those people want me to tell you that you suck.

Richard: How do you talk to dead people again?

Miles: I don’t know.

Sawyer: Hold on, how did you guys fix the plane?

Frank: Duct tape.

Kate: We’re flying on a plane held together by duct tape! Oh my God we’re going to die.

Sawyer: Speaking of dying, everyone thinks all of us are dead. How are we going to explain to everyone how we’re alive? The media’s gonna have a field day.

Kate: We’ll think of a cover story before we land. Where are we landing anyway?

Frank: Beats me. I was only thinking about getting the plane in the air. I guess we just fly until we hit land or run out of fuel.

The six stand in silence as they realize the plane will most likely crash before they can find land.

Claire: I wonder whatever happened to Walt?