The Kentucky Derby is often referred to as “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports.” Phil Donahue coined the phrase in 1968. 

Donahue Box, Churchill Downs, 1968.

0:01 – Race begins

0:09 – Donahue successfully performs Heimlich maneuver on choking friend

0:20 – Donahue’s wife threatens to leave him, but decides against it

0:59 – Donahue receives a call telling him he’s just won the lottery

1:07 – Call revealed to be a prank (“Real funny, guys”)

1:20 – Donahue wins the lottery

1:34 – Among friends, Donahue tries LSD

1:45 – Donahue witnesses amazing onside kick in college football game on TV

1:59 – Donahue’s horse wins by a nose