We all congregated at Derrick’s house for another small party to drink beer and play drinking games. Since beer is not my preferred beverage, I chose to mix my can of Busch Light with some lemonade, making it easier to stomach.

A few mixed beers later, I found myself in the guest bedroom with Whitney. We were rummaging through the closet and admiring the selection of Derrick’s sister’s prom dresses and shoes. “Let’s try these on!” Whitney exclaimed and threw a pile of dresses onto the bed.  I reached for a eye-soring salmon colored dress and quickly stripped myself and slipped the dress on, commanding Whitney and Madison, who had recently entered the room, to zip me up. Once they had done this, I began singing and dancing around in the formal. I accessorized with a yellow lei I had found in the closet as well, and then jumped on the dresser as other curious people entered the room. They all laughed and began taking pictures of me on their phone as I screamed “This isn’t a table! It’s a stage, dammit!”

You can dress me up, but I advise against taking me out.