A camping trip seemed like the perfect way to spend a Friday night. It was me, two other girls, and five guys, so of course we were going to need ample amounts of beer. I agreed to purchase the drinks with my fake ID and on my way to meet up with the group at Chase’s house, I decided to buy the girls’ drinks first. Walking into the gas station, the cashier greeted me and I knew he looked familiar, but I couldn’t pinpoint who he was or where we had met, so I continued on to the beer section and grabbed six cans of Mike’s Harders. “ThatCollegeGirl?” The cashier said inquisitively as he rang me up. “No…,” I replied and shook my head, dumbstruck at what had just happened. Nothing like this had ever occurred before, so I kept calm and slid my ID across the counter. “Kara, see?” as I pointed to the name on my ID and pretended to be offended. The cashier was still not sold. “Are you sure? Do you have a sister? You look oddly familiar,” he inquired further. I told him I was in town visiting some cousins who lived there, and that I look like my one cousin ThatCollegeGirl and we get asked if we are sisters a lot. After I blurted out this fabrication, I grabbed the bag of Mike’s Harders and raced out the door and into my car and headed in the direction of Chase’s house. 

That identity scare was only a harbinger of what was to come.

I told my friends what had happened during my previous alcohol run, but I announced I was fine purchasing the three 18-packs of beer for the guys and we set off for yet another sketchy gas station. We were taking Jay’s truck camping, and my friends hopped out and lurked behind the gas station as I took over driving so I would appear to be alone. The gas station was busy, but I didn’t recognize any of the cashiers so I took that as a good sign and stepped in line with the beer. Everything went smoothly; I picked my up my friends and hopped in the backseat. We were ready to go camping. 

The camping trip was equally eventful; Matt had brought a bottle of Captain Morgan that I thought would taste great mixed in a can of Mike’s Harder lemonade. I was right, but the combination ended the night early for me; I had to be helped back to my tent after I passed out on the floor of the wilderness. The next morning, Sasha and I woke up and glanced around our campsite. It was a disaster. Food, cans of beer, cards, and articles of clothing were strewn all over the place, not to mention the fire wasn’t put out all the way. We had successfully broken all the rules of good outdoorsmanship in one night. We began cleaning up the site as the guys slept and unfortunately, fishing beer cans out of a fire pit was the better part of the morning.

After we were all packed up, we drove into town to get some lunch before we headed home. My phone was vibrating non-stop as we reached service, and as I was glancing through my inbox I came across a text from my dad that said “So I hear you bought some beer before your trip?” If I wasn’t nauseous from my hangover before, I was just then. I texted him back and asked who he had heard that from, and he replied, “From the person that saw you buy the beer.” I played it off like nothing had happened and told him that it could have been a girl who looked like me. “Another girl who was wearing a red shirt with your school name on it and bought three 18-packs of beer?” It was official; I was caught. Whoever this narc was that had seen me buy the beer was really good at their job. 

That coupled with my hangover made for a long and hellish ride back home.