Sometimes risks just have to be taken.

This was my mindset one evening after attending a local baseball game. Life was feeling pretty boring, and in effort to add a little color to our existence, my friends and I decided to look for something to do. Every time adventure is sought, trouble is sure to ensue. Which is why we didn’t even have to look to alcohol that night to garner an interesting experience.

A group of five of us girls were craving fries and ice cream, so we walked into a nearby Denny’s to order some food. As we were being seated, we noticed some baseball players who we recognized from the opposing team sitting at a table across the room. “That’s the hot catcher over there!” We marveled as we sat down and ordered. “We should give them our numbers,” I joked. The group deliberated and came to the conclusion that giving them our numbers was stupid and skanky. So of course I unwrapped my napkin and begin to write down all of our numbers with “Take your pick” scribbled at the top with a winking smiley face, ignoring the opposition of my friends. When our waitress walked by, I asked her to deliver the napkin note to the table of guys and she gladly accepted her mission. Moments after she left the guys’ table, we heard an eruption of laughter and I immediately began second-guessing my decision. A few minutes later, the guys stood up, paid, and walked out. We stared after them, then at our phones sans texts, dismayed. I ran over to their empty table to see if they had left the napkin, expecting it to be shredded to pieces and discarded with their leftover food. Not seeing anything of the sort, I gave my friends a thumbs up as I walked back to my table with a glimmer of hope. When I arrived back at my seat, each of my friends had their phones in their hand. Each phone, including my own, had received three texts from three different numbers that said, “I choose you!” 

We felt safe to say that the bases were loaded that night.