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My roommate freshmen year was a real neat freak, germaphobe, and quite anal about every little detail in our room. After the first semester, I was so fed up with him constantly nit picking my every move I decided to get even. Toe-nail clipping was by far his biggest pet-peeve so for the entire semester I saved my toenails. At the end of the year I used my entire collection (a sizable jar) to put in his personal belongings. I stuffed them in his toothpaste tube, his mouthwash, his shampoo, liquid body soap, water bottle and facial medication. He no longer goes to this school and I have no idea where he is, but I'm sure my clippings will haunt his dreams for years to come.

M. Ace

We play a game at College called Buck-a Roo. However not your fun family classic. You wait for your roommate to pick up a chick and make sure you get back before they do. You then hide in his room and remain silent, wait till they are going at it and jump out screaming "Buck-a Roo!" and jump up and down on the bed. Needless to say the girl gets freaked and usually makes a run for it. Well I tried to play this with one of my roommates but fell asleep in the cupboard, by the time I came around my friend and the girl were already asleep. I decided to try get out quietly but didn't realize that he had left the top draw open under the cupboard. I tried to jump out smashing my knee through the draw and smashing my face into the floor. I woke up on the floor of my room with a bath towel over me.
Dave K. from Chester University (UK)

I threw your eggs out the window. Me. Not Tony, not Pete, not Mike's girlfriend. Me. Sorry, I was trying to hit a squirrel. Get over it.
Jeff D. from WMU

My roommate Freshman year was the most annoying person I had ever met. He would constantly steal food from me, used my things without asking, blast Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga songs over his stereo, and would crank the heat in our room up to 90 degrees and wear nothing but boxer briefs. He also was best friends with an obnoxious douchebag who flaunted how rich he was and would constantly pull pranks on people. Needless to say, I couldn't stand either of them. So to get back at the both of them, I convinced the douchebag to help me pull a prank on my roommate. I got the douchebag friend to help me steal all of my roommate's clothes and then scatter them around campus during a blizzard. Then, when my roommate got back, I told him that his friend snuck into the room when I was out and stole his clothes. My roommate retaliated by dumping a pound of snow on the douchebag's laptop a few days later. My ex-roommate never found out it was me, making the whole scenario even better.

My roommate is basically a self-righteous slob who has no respect for my privacy whatsoever. One of her habits is coming back at around 3 every morning not even trying to be quiet. I've also given up trying to take a nap after class since she still uses keytones at full volume to text and her message alert goes off every five minutes. She won't let me sleep, so I've started going to bed really early so I can wake up at 6:15 and slam the closet and bathroom doors as I get ready. I get 8 hours and she gets about 3. Passive-aggressivism. I use it.
Heidi C.

This girl on my hall freshman year was completely psychotic and was always going on about how germaphobic she was. After having another shower ruined by having to listen to her and her boyfriend having very loud sex through the bathroom wall, my roommate and I had enough. Every time she went and took a shower, we would go into the bathroom, take our underwear off and rub the crotches on her fuzzy bathrobe; my roommate even used her used tampon once. Next time, go have sex at his room and let us shower in peace!

I'm from Chicago and, as such, don't understand the process you go through during a tornado drill. This isn't Illinois… a tornado here will fuck you up. Anyway, we were having some bad storms and my roommate tells me to turn on the news and shows me the wide swath of red across our county. I get a little worried and he says not to panic, just pack a few things and head to the basement. He gets 7-8 other people in on this and tells them to follow me to the basement to make it look convincing. We're all down there for 10 minutes, then a couple filter out. 5 more minutes go by and a few more leave. I'm doing homework and don't realize the place is empty. I returned to my room and there is NOTHING in it. They confess to the prank and tell me where the majority of my stuff is hidden. I checked the closet for any clothes they took and damn near shit my pants when one of them jumped out from behind the door. I'm sure they surf this website, so thanks guys, I fucking hate you.
Brian M from Oklahoma State

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