1. Wear a Brett Favre jersey and go around showing people a picture of your dick on your cell phone. 
  2. Deck yourself out in a T-O jersey and a sombrero. 
  3. Wear a Ben Roethlisberger jersey and go around asking girls if you can show them something in the bathroom. 
  4. Put on a Jets jersey and throw a football at all the hot girls you want to bang. 
  5. Wear a Tim Tebow Jersey and then don't have sex with anyone. 
  6. Wear a Kevin Kolb jersey and then halfway through the night change to a Michael Vick jersey. Switch back every hour like you can't make up your mind. 
  7. Wear a James Harrison jersey and then murder someone. 
  8. Wear a Darrell Revis jersey and then don’t show up to the party until someone pays you enough money.
  9. Dress like Brett Favre and then throw a football at anyone not wearing a Vikings jersey.
  10. Wear any Dallas Cowboy jersey and then lodge a piece of candy in your throat. Then choke.
  11. Dress like Garrett Heartley and go around attempting to kick pumpkins but you keep missing.
  12.  Put on a Pat McAfee jersey and go for a swim in your local body of water.
  13. Wear a Jeff Reed jersey and spend the night fighting with inanimate objects.
  14. Throw on any Jacksonville Jaguars jersey and party all alone in your room with no one watching.
  15. Put a white bed sheet over your head, then a paper bag over the sheet. Now say BOOOOO! You’re either a Ghost or a Saints fan.