Oh my god its ELVIS! and I have a rocket launcher……BOOM!! "Lets see you come back from the dead this time!" "Oh my god there's another one….thank god for unlimited ammo!"

Is that Will Smith?!

Why are all these cops and helicopters chasing me?! Ohhh my wanted levels at 5….CHASE SEQUENCE!! now while i'm driving i'll just enter this cheat code for 0 wanted lev..oh my god my cars on fir…dammit

That Movie viewpoint is so stu..oh look a bunch of gang members all dressed in purple…MOLOTOV TIME Where did all my molotovs go? Oh man, I have to do the Unlimited ammo cheat and the weapons pack 3 cheat again?!…Finally..MOLOTOV TIME!…Where'd they go? goddamit Oh look a hooker.

I'll just enter this cheat code for a Helicopter..BOOM!..Dammit half of it was in a building again.


Cheat code: Super punch…lets enter a gym and fight this guy. Boxer:"Now you can do combos. Lets try fighting again." ME:"SUPERPUNCH!"

Oh finally! I found the super porsche 2010 I've been looking for for days. "Get out the car Bitch!"…GODDAMIT some asshole sideswiped me while fleeing the scene…crying

Why the hell do I have to follow you on a bicycle? Can't we just steal a car?

Alright I can make cars fly with this cheat code!…Oh god I hit a pole and the engines on fire..Alright alright don't panic the waters right there if i can just fly into it in time..maybe i can..BOOM!..dammit..Lets do that again!

Say hello to my little friend!