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I live in a pretty nice house with four other guys. We have been in the house together for almost two years, and ever since we moved in instead of putting any silverware that I use in the dishwasher I just lick it clean and put it back in the drawer. I don't have anything against the other guys; I just think it is funny.

Paul W. from South Dakota State

I have a decently good roommate he is a Halo and Call of Duty fanboy. The one solution I found to remedy the xbox addiction with my roommate was to take his disks, print the disk art on to blank cds and then scratch them with my keys, then returning them to his boxes. They messed up his xbox for reasons I don't know. I gave him my old ps2 and a few awesome games for two weeks while his xbox red-ringed and now I play his games on the xbox that he gave to me when it was repaired and he won't touch an xbox or ps3.
John M.

This summer, my brother took his girlfriend on a 3 week trip to Europe. While gone, his neighbor, who has a spare key, went and changed out all the pictures of him and his girlfriend (ended up being 122) in the house, to pictures of the neighbor and his gf.
Scott H from GMU

So one of my apartmentmates, the only blonde one oddly enough, has the terrible habit of leaving wads of hair in the shower drain. Every day. Its gotten so bad that one of the other girls actually stepped in a hair ball 5 inches in diameter. Its disgusting. but the best part is she knows it's there, and if she remembers, she'll pick it up, and place it on the wall. So I've taken it upon myself to, when I vacuum her hair from other parts of the apartment, I make sure to return it to her… in her room, between the sheets, in her food on her clean plates, in her clothes. Is it really that hard to bend over and pick it up, and throw it away like the trash that she is? Way to get on our bad side idiot. I hope you enjoy your overly salted milk.
Kristen S. from Florida

I stomp on my boyfriends pillows when he's not looking.

When I get out of the shower, I dry myself off using my own towel for every part of me except my ass. My suitemate isn't a bad guy by any means, I just use his towel to wipe down my ass because I don't want mine to smell like ass. Sorry dude.
Nick G from SDSU

My friend Justin is always messing with this guy named, Doug. Anyway, we text him from a girl's phone that he doesn't have saying we're a girl that he likes. We get him excited about going out to lunch and that she just broke up with her boyfriend. We then say, "can I send you something personal?" It's a picture of Justin giving the camera the "goat". That's when you bend over, tuck your balls between your legs. We thought it was over there. While all of this is happening Doug is talking to someone else in the room on facebook. He is freaking out because he just got a picture of this girls ass! He didn't fucking realize that it was Justin's balls. It gets better. We ask for a picture back and he sends us his hard dick from a bathroom stall! What?! He's jerking off to a picture of Justin's goat? We didn't know what else to do and we were laughing too hard to try anything. The best part was that he wasn't even mad when we told him!
Robbie W. from St. Olaf College

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