A fancy restaurant.  Piano music and quiet chatter in the background.


The Geico Questions Guy and a girl are being seated at a table for two.


GIRL: Thanks so much for taking me here.  I’ve wanted to try this place forever.  Was it hard to get a reservation?


GEICO GUY: Do geese fly south for the winter?


GIRL (laughs politely): Well, I really appreciate it.


GEICO GUY and GIRL open menus and begin looking.


GIRL (cont’d): I’m a little nervous; I don’t usually do this.  Have you been on any blind dates before?


GEICO GUY slowly looks up from his menu.


GEICO GUY: Has Jack Nicholson been to a Laker game?


GIRL (laughs nervously): I guess you’re a pro.


She looks at the menu.


GIRL (cont’d): Everything looks so good.  Do you know what you’re going to get?


GEICO GUY: Could all the king’s horses and all the king’s men put Humpty Dumpty together again?


GIRL: Well, I’m sure we can’t go wrong.


A waiter approaches the table


WAITER: Good evening! My name is Adam. I’ll be taking care of you tonight.  Can I start you off with something to drink?


GEICO GUY: Can Superman fly faster than a speeding bul—


GIRL (hurriedly): Two waters, please.


WAITER: OK, I’ll be right back with those.


Waiter exits.


GIRL: So tell me a little about yourself.


GEICO GUY just stares at her.


GIRL (cont’d): What are your hobbies?


Again, he just stares.


GIRL (frustrated): Do you have any hobbies?


GEICO GUY: Do cotton T-shirts shrink in the dryer?


GIRL (sighs): Are you always like this?


GEICO GUY: Are Brazilian people bad at crossword puzzles?


GIRL: I don’t know; that’s just racist.


WAITER enters with waters.


WAITER: Here are your waters. Are you ready to order?


GEICO GUY: Can a sumo wrestler do a really big cannonball?


GIRL (fed up): OK, I’m out of here. Why can’t you just say yes?


GEICO GUY: If catastrophes are allowed to happen, can an all-powerful, merciful God exist?


Girl slides out of booth to leave.


GIRL: Have a good dinner. I hope you can still enjoy it.


Girl starts to walk away.


GEICO GUY: Are cavemen stupid and uncivilized?


The GEICO CAVEMAN is on a date in the booth right next to them.


GEICO CAVEMAN (indignantly): Oh, that’s really nice.