The recent spike in usage among bros on university campuses has resulted in inflationary pressures among $bones. The bones exchange rate, historically at 1 dollar=1 bone, has experienced a sudden drop in value due to severe overuse.

“I was at this apartment party last weekend looking for a solo cup for the keg, and kept being asked if I could ‘throw [the owners] some bones’ for the keg,” says Andrew B, a college student. “I swear, it happened like six times throughout the night.”

This unexpected market action has wreaked havoc among those hedged in the currency market of bones. Trending market patterns against the value of the dollar has led some in recent years to hedge market risk through the acquisition of $bones.  

On the other hand, the sub-culture population, including hipsters and avid environmentalists, has seen huge returns shorting $bones. These groups typically despise any frat slang and invest specifically against rising slang term values, purely out of spite.

Hannah T., founder of the local chapter of Love the World with all Your Heart, has seen her portfolio double in value since her short in $bones has seen an enormous ROI. “Thanks to local fraternity slang, I have the money to now travel to Alaska before it is completely submerged.”