The following is a conversation between two buddies attempting to study. This is a true story.

Buddy 1: Suuuuppppppp

Buddy 2: Sup brah!

Buddy 1: PHAT!!!!

Buddy 2: Lol what?

Buddy 1: PUSSY, HIPS, ASS & TITS!!!

Buddy 2: Exactly, so missy elliot!?

Buddy 1: 2 PAC is ALIVE!!!!!

Buddy 2: haha pass that dutch.

Buddy 1: I nearly sucked my own COCK when I was like in primary school but now I'm not that flexible I'm HARD. MY BODY IS HARD!!!! I mean like Marilyn Manson SUCKED HIS OWN! He took his ribs out in like 2 pieces! TRUE STORY!!!

Buddy 2: I know he did. The dude is fucked up!

Buddy 1: Anything for FAME AND CASH FLOW!!!! I just realized most of the FREEKIN ANSWERS FOR THE ASSignment is on THE LECTURE NOTESTYPE IN ASHL… Wait… ASHLYNN BROOKE cause she is wifey material right there!!

Buddy 2:I know ashlynn brooke. Type in heather brooke ideepthroat!! I saw the blonde chick from near my house going to the bus!! YES! TIME TO STALK!

Buddy 1: I wonder what colour panties she wearing today!? I won't let tinker wear any underpants!!!! Just the green tinkerbell costume!!!!!

Buddy 2: No comment.

Buddy 1: CUZZZZZZZZ!!!!! I finished MY MICRO ASSIGNMENT BOOOOOMMM!!! I'll check with ur assignment answers this FRIDAY MORNING AT 8am YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Marie is tiggggghhhtttt!!! But that is not my prize!!!!!!

Buddy 2: Hahahaha how did Marie get involved with this?

Buddy 1: BRO I'll tell ya FIRDAY, YES you will be STOKED!!! Like a shirtless bloke/cuzz in UTE WITH FOX OR ZOO babes stickers!! And I'm on a bus going to work and so many BLONDEAGE TINKER!!! THEY ALL GOING TO GARDEN CITY YEAH!! Garden city is the SHIZZZZZ!

Buddy 2: Yeah yeah garden city sluts for the win. They bangin!

Buddy 1: BRO!!!!!! I'm going to go now so I can CORNROW MY PUBIC HAIR!!

Buddy 2: Righto bro.