I used to work security at a local hospital where i live and had to deal with some crazy people! I would work the graveyard shift (10pm to 6am) because I was the "new guy" and needed "experience" before I could move to the day shift. Well with it being the middle of the night/early morning there were no supervisors, so of course I would have to deal with whatever happened the best I could from dealing with irate patients and visitors to drunks and transiants passed out in the waiting room, you name it we had it. Well one night I'll never forget I was feeling like hell due to a cold and lack of sleep but nearing the end of my shift so I was just winging it trying to pass the time, I get a call from the cop that was monitoring the ER requesting back up. I had to run from one end of the hospital to the cops location where i find the cop and an irate patient in a mexican stand off with the cop pointing his tazer yelling for the patient to get down. As soon as i walk up i pull out my baton (just in case since it was all I had) and begin to confront the patient who in turn starts throwing a fit yelling "Y'all see this, this sum Rodney King B.S. mane, yo dese pigs is gon beat me down yo!!" as to much of my embarassment the entire ER staff and patients were just watching and laughing and pushing him on, of course he was african american (and well me and the cop were the white guys in the situation) we end up calming him down and finding out he just wanted "da fine white gurl nurse" who had to attend another patient real quick and left him a couple minutes and didnt tell him. It all ended up with apologies to each other but just the embarassment of having him make a scene like that, WTF