I'm on twitter on my computer at "work" a lot. Everyday, I see different trending topics for New York and wonder: What are my fellow NYers are saying on that interesting/weird topic today?

On November 8th, the trending topic under the promoted one about Conan's premiere (cheater? You decide.) was #confessiontime. Here are the top three #confessiontime tweets, according to me.

From: P31Woman Paige Jackson
"#Confessiontime I should be doin my work but im not…smh im such a bad person…"

#3-I found your tweet while I was sitting, and not paying attention, in my Global Business class.  Are you calling ME a bad person? “I’m sorry Miss Jackson! (OOO I AM FO REAAALL!).”
From: TheJeydonFacts Jeydon Wale Facts™
"#confessiontime I used to like the Jonas Brothers…but I found out stuff about Joe…and now I dislike them."

 #2-The JoBros were, at one point and time, not so f*cking annoying.  Also, there’s this girl, you may have heard of her, named Taylor Swift, who has basically built her ENTIRE career off of bashing this kid Joe.  There’s definitely something off there.

From: Lord_Voldemort7
"#confessiontime If you pretend that airplanes in the night sky are shooting stars you need more than a wish right now…you need a life." 

#1-This guy is the best.  If you are on twitter and NOT following him, we’re no longer friends. But seriously, I’m a huge fan of both Paramore AND B.o.B, but talk about overplayed. I would rather listen to the Jonas Brothers on my broken iTrip.

So, that's that! The great thing about twitter? People are constantly posting 140 characters worth of these gems.

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