Following the success of the Tea Party at the recent(ish) midterm elections several other fringe parties are hoping to milk the lack of voter confidence for all it's worth. Here are just a few of these parties:

The Tree Party

Policies: Deportation of all lumberjacks.

Tactics: Sit around not moving for several hundred years until people begin to notice you. Every now and again fall on roads for publicity.

Chance of Success: Low (inamimate objects have a poor history in politics).

The He Party

Policies: Policies? Pah, they're for women and pansies.

Tactics: Lots of flexing and rock music at rallies. If possible try and turn all political debates into drinking contests.

Chance of success: Depends on how drunk the voters are on polling night.

The Coffee Party

Policies: Oppose everything the Tea Party do. We're coffee people over here.

Tactics: Coffee, lots of coffee. I like coffee. Do you like coffee? I like coffee. More coffee. COFFEE! Why's my hand shaking?

Chance of success: Guaranteed seat in New York but nowhere else.

The Picnic Party

Policies: We're like the Tea Party but one step further. They only have tea and scones but we have sandwichs and sausage rolls.

Tactics: Protest by turning the national mall into one giant picnic rug. Did we tell you about the sandwiches?

Chance of success: I wouldn't have thought it would be high. But if the Tea Party can gain seats then who knows…

The Glee Party

Policies: All T.V stations to show Glee reruns on a loop.

Tactics: Copy, or "cover", other Parties' policies. Change these policies by making them slightly worse and then enjoy unpresidented success.

Chance of Success: Worryingly high.