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My girlfriend and I had been dating for about 6 months when she started hinting about getting engaged. When I mentioned that we hadn't been dating that long, she turned to the, "What if I was pregnant?- scenario. The next day she mentioned she wanted to try sex without a condom. I wonder why I left her…


An hour and a half ago, my girlfriend noticed that all of my roommates were gone, and hinted that we could have some awesome, loud sex without disturbing anyone. I sort of blew her off, because I was playing an intense of game of Canyon Defense, the flash game online. She left ten minutes or so ago. I'm still playing Canyon Defense. She totally missed me getting my high score.


I have read a lot of submissions on this page over the years and seen that a lot of them are about how to keep your girlfriend's parents from finding out what you've been up to. As a Swede I find this hilarious as my ex-girlfriend's dad would high-five me every time we'd leave her room.


After my girlfriend and I have sex, we smack each other on the butt and say "good game.-


I was 17 and had been dating a girl for a few weeks. She was a cool chick, so much so that one night on our way home from a movie, she starts giving me road head. I, of course, was enjoying it and after a few minutes wasn't really paying much attention to the road. I failed to notice that the police had set up a DUI road block and were checking everyone's ID's. At the last possible second I see what's ahead and slam on the brakes, coming within inches of the car in front of me. Every cop out there was looking at me as she lifted her head from my crotch. One of them walked over, shined his light in my face and asked if we were okay. We were both shaken up so much that we couldn't say a word, he then looks down, sees my exposed erection and waves us through.


I got into a 90 minute argument with my girlfriend because she was adamant that Moby Dick was a true story. I finally let her win so I could go to sleep.


My girlfriend's family hates me because I told her sister that she looks like the fat guy from Jurassic park.


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I play wow, not hardcore or anything but once a girl I'm dating finds out it usual ends up with us breaking up because they find it weird, then my buddy found out a girl in his bio class played and set me up i was surprised how hot she turned out to be things went good and we ended up back at my place and we were about to do it and she left when finding out I played horde as she said she felt betrayed and couldn't risk her guildmates finding out she'd been with the enemy. I can never win.