1. Categorize all the Harry Potter spells.
2. Go to College Humor.
3. Get boned.
4. Get high.
5. Look in the mirror and see which impossibly unnatural angle your face looks best.
6. Go to the self-help section of a bookstore and cry.
7. Finally figure out how to spell 'Lieutenant' and 'Colonel'
8. Look up Zach Galifinakis quotes and think, 'He is soo right.'
9. Get a jump start on your mother's birthday paper clip necklace.
10. Facebook stalk yourself. Don't try google. You won't find anything but your graduation announcement, then nostalgia will set in. 
11. Take the empty wineglasses out of the bathroom.
12. Facebook stalk your early high school photo ablums with title lyrics from Plain White T's and feel a deep, misconstrued nostalgia set in.
13. Look up funny Bollywood excerpts like
14. Honestly try to learn the Napoleon Dynamite dance.