I was looking at a faux golden necklace when the price moved my insides… No way can something so ugly-looking, fake and really really ugly be as expensive as my liver. As I walk backwards in disgust I accidently bump into a man. "Excuse me," he says. "Excuse yourself! Watch where you're going!" I want to say.

But he was no man… he was an angel walking on the fake over-expensive jewelry aisle.

"S-sorry," I manage to stutter. Damn, he was cute! He smiles. "No, I'm sorry," he says. "But I'm really the luckiest man alive. To bump into an angel like you in the most random places! May I at least have the honor of knowing your name?" "It's S-Spencer," I reply. Am I hearing right? Is this heavenly creature comparing me to an angel and almost pleading to know my name? "Spencer… Wow. Please don't let this be the last time I see you or hear your voice. What's your facebook name?" "Spencer McMarks," I say, my heart pounding at an alarming speed. "Miss Spencer, I'm going to send you a friendship request right away from my Blackberry. It will be an honor if you accept it." Is this guy serious? He takes my hand and kisses it. Then he walks away.


'Guy Van der Hottie' has sent u a friendship request. Do you accept? Confirm. Not now.

Oh my honey-flavored chapstick!!!  Is this real??? Is there a 'I confirm while jumping' button?

There's a message in my inbox.


My dearest Spencer,

I know I'm being very sudden about this, but I think I fell for you.

Ever since I bumped into you in the jewelry aisle I can't get you off my mind. I can't eat. I can't sleep. I can't function. Almost like a sim that you want to kill because you got bored of him. Anyway I would like to see you again. Is that possible?

Lots of everlasting love,



I screamed as I- finally- change my relationship status to "in a relationship". Is there a "in an awesome and totally unbelievable relationship" option? I really must poke Mark Zuckerberg.

"Spencer!" My mom calls. Yes, I still live with her. "Somebody sent you something!" I ran downstairs to see what I got. I don't normally get things via normal un-Facebook mail. I open an envelope to find the golden necklace that had the shocking price tag. (Actually it doesn't really look that fake and ugly.) It also has a note with it which says "You were holding it."


He takes me to the beach where we walk barefoot in the sand and take pictures together so that we could upload it on facebook later on. Many people look at us with a mixture of awe and jealousy. He even buys me a rose. He drops me off and kisses me goodnight. (This is my first kiss. Just saying.) And before he drives off I'm upstairs downloading our picture in "my boyfriend and me" album.



Guy Van der Hottie says:

You look so beautiful here sweetheart. I love you. xoxo

Sarah McMarks says:

Wow younger sister! Good for you! Finally after all these years of not having a boyfriend and living through my 54 ones… you get this one. I can really say I'm jealous. Really.

Guy Van der Hottie says:

"What words

Describe these feelings of mine

So tender, so true.

Far too many,

Yet far too few,

My darling I love you."

Perfectskin Queen says:

Hey Spenc! Remember me? I used to go to high school with you! I was the homecoming queen and the prom queen too. I used to go out with Masshole- the star quarterback. Anyway just wanted to say you look great here and that I was hoping we could get together sometime. Hollaback beautiful! Please.

Guy Van der Hottie says:

Knock knock! Who's there? Guy. Guy who? Guy loves Spencer.

Masshole Douchebag says:

Hey most hottest girl!! I wanted to get in contact with you for long time. I hope you r not going out with this ugly ass.  Plaese send me your number.

Masshole Douchebag says:

Hey most hottest girl!! I wanted to get in contact with you for long time. I hope you r not going out with this ugly ass.  Plaese send me your number.

Mrs. McMarks says:

Well done sweetie! This boy is so much better and cuter than all the trash I've seen with your sister Sarah. Because of your great choice of boyfriends you can the car for the weekend. And I'm planning to get you the guitar you always wanted. And allowance raise. Also there are cookies downstairs.

Sarah McMarks says:

You're so lucky! :(

Guy Van der Hottie says:

Je t'aime.

Means I love you btw.

Mr. McMarks says:

Hello Spencer. I'm your dad. I apologize for not being around since your childhood, but that’s because I had amnesia and when I got it back you guys moved and I've been trying to find a way to contact you ever since. I'm so happy for you. I live in the Hamptons in a huge mansion. And I have a yacht called The Spencer.

Guy Van der Hottie says:

Rawr! Means I love you in dinosaur.

Angelina Jolie says:

Your boyfriend is so hot.


"Excuse me."

I look up. He was standing holding a baby. "Can you move?"

"Oh my God, sweetheart look! This girl is holding the cutest necklace ever! Buy it for me, please?" Angel man takes the necklace from my hand with an apologetic smile and walks away with his wife and kid. And my necklace.


Never day-dream while shopping.