As I awoke from my slumber I felt a breeze down below. I looked down and relised my pants were gone. Vanished. This came to me as a shock as I had gone to sleep with my pants on my legs. As I got out of bed I looked at the time and noticed I was late for work and my pants were gone and I had no other pants. What was I to do? I had to go to work, but I couldn’t go without pants… But then I thought maybe no one would notice since I’ll have an apron on myself.

I left home and walked to work without my pants and only my undies on. While I was walking people screamed at my lack pants and said my legs were hairy and I belong in a zoo. This upset me. My legs aren’t that hairy… But what could of I done to prevent this mishap? I had no other pants. But I powered on. I kept my cool.

After getting many looks I eventually arrived at work where my boss just kept looking at my crutch and said I had an errection. I explained to him it was the wind brushing on my leg from my lack of pants. He said it was fine as long as I wore my apron and no one noticed. A customer eventually noticed my lack of pants. She screamed like someone had seen an ape in public. She said to me “Your lack of pants is disturbing and you have a massive errection.” I told her that my pants went missing when I woke up and the errection is from the breeze brushing on my leg. So she called Animal Control and took me away. I was tranquilized and then eventually woke up in my house again amazingly. I looked down and noticed my pants were back and that this was all a dream.