In a towering futuristic city lives a rather peculiar individual. He is a physically powerful man with enormous muscles capable of picking up several children. He wears a long and curly blonde toupee, a pink tank top, a khaki skirt and a pair of oversized flip flops much like those ugly sandals that lesbians wear. Due to his physique, his clothing are often in danger of bursting with masculinity, much to the dismay of the people who shoot him quick and sneaky glances as if he was some kind of rapist. His name is Steelbrick Bigdick. Also known as Charlie Chocolate Twinkletoes. The latter of which is used as his bebo, facebook and myface username.

As he's gliding through town on his painfully slow segway which has Scooby Doo stickers plastered all over it, he comes across a dying unicorn. As he nears the horned-horse, he notices that it's bleeding. Eyes locked dead on each other as if preparing to mount one another, he approaches further. The unicorn speaks.