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I just sent my boyfriend a text after waking up, which said, "I just had the sexiest dream about you ;)". His response? "Childress is gone!"


So my roommate got in a car wreck and isn't coming back to school for the rest of the semester. When I told my girl she said, "Cool, now we can bang and I don't have to be quiet."


I was in the middle of a hot make out session with my new girlfriend. We end up about to do it when I realize that I don't have any condoms on me. Luckily, she said she had some left over from her ex. They were these monster XXL's…great…


I had been dating a guy for about a month after getting out of a nearly two year relationship only a few months before. This guy was medically retired due to an incident during his 5 years in the Army, so his life consisted of countless hobbies to fill his day. His biggest obsession was with Dungeons and Dragons. Sometimes I wouldn't talk to him for two days because he would play D&D all night and sleep all day. I felt really neglected most of the time and decided that the relationship was causing more harm than good. When I went to break up with him I told him the reason was because I didn't want to be with someone who was just as happy without me in their life as with me. Instead of attempting to convince me I was wrong about that like I had expected him to do, he paused for ten seconds and then replied "You make an excellent point…" I haven't spoken to him since.


I hooked up with a fat girl one time… After about 10 mins of getting head I bent her over. I fumbled around trying to find the hole. Finished the job, and a few days later she says next time I want to feel you in my pussy before we do anal. Oops.


One time my boyfriend and I were blazed as fuck and going at it like rabbits when all of a sudden he stopped thrusting and started giggling like crazy. I couldn't get him to tell me what was so hilarious and we went back to the sexy-times. The next morning we were making Coco Wheats for breakfast and while I was reaching for something in the cabinet, he asked me if I still wanted to know what was so funny last night. I answered sure, and he told me that he had been so high that he forgot what he was doing in the middle of sex.


My boyfriend has many bizarre grooming rituals and generally spends more time in front of the mirror than I do. One of the most inconvenient ones for me is that he powders his balls. Yes he sprays baby powder all over his privates sometimes two to three times a day. he says it keeps him from chaffing or getting sweaty down there and that's fine and dandy but every time i go to give him a bj i get a mouth full of baby powder and begin coughing and sneezing…I've brought up the fact that his dick tastes like a chalky baby's ass, but he still insists on powdering his privates.


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My Gf's is a great fan of CHumor. Due to her own personal reasons I won't get laid until I get my full name, and our "problem" posted in this site.

-John Strife