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After the first time my high school girlfriend and I had sex, she decided to tell her Mom. I was understandably freaking out about this, until i found out how the rest of the conversation went. My girlfriend's mom apparently wanted to make sure it had been with me and not someone else. When she confirmed this was the case, her mom's only reaction to this was, "Well, that's alright. And make sure he knows he's welcome here anytime." Her mom would also give us a double knock on the door if we got to loud while going at it, so we wouldn't wake up her Dad. God I miss how awesome that situation was.


My boyfriend and I recently played COD: BO zombies. He got so mad at me for opening the door that he paused the game and refused to play again until I had apologized and brought him a sandwich. I'm sad to admit I did both, because we were finally making it past round 10.


My ex-boyfriend was a fanatical christian from a fanatically christian family. He used to get angry at me because I didn't feel guilty about us having sex. He would get angry at me for not saying "no" to him when he wanted to get it on. When I would say "no" (mainly because I wasn't in a mood for guilt trip about premarital sex soon after) he would get angry at me and nag me until I'd do it.


Last year for Christmas, I bought my boyfriend the COD Xbox 360. To this day, he still blows me off every Friday night to play with his friends. Bad move on my part.


So, I was at a baseball game with my girlfriend, and she said that she was really hungry. However, she didn't have any money to buy food, so I jokingly said, "I'll trade you a hotdog for a blow job." To my excitement she said yes…she gave the hotdog a bj while I was forced to watch with my blueballs.


One time my ex and I did it doggy style while I played Final Fantasy 10.


3….2….1….SURPRISE!!! Is my new money shot catchphrase. Thanks, Call of Duty: Black Ops

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When I was with this overly sensitive girl, I used to fake crying to get out of silly arguments. It worked, and I got a lot of "pity" sex from it.