Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages? Do they use words like "MyFace," "SpaceBook," or "The World Wide Web?"
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And thank God we'll never be as dumb as they are!

Whenever my mom sees an image she likes on the internet, instead of just sending me the link she takes a screenshot, saves it in her computer, then inserts the screenshot in a word document and attaches it to an email. If that's not enough, her default email font is Comic Sans, dark red, 24pt, and her signature is a sentence from the Bible.
Mariana Schneider

I was trying to orchestrate a Skype call with my mom. I was on the phone with her trying to explain to her that because my Skype said she wasn't online I couldn't call her. After repeatedly saying, "No, mom, I can't call you because you're not online. You have to be online in order for me to call you," she got really frustrated and yelled back, "What do you mean online?! Like on Google?! No I have Google up right here!!"
Liz W.

My mom only lets us do our laundry on the weekend because she thinks electricity is cheaper on the weekend than during the week.
Lynna T

I put a picture up as my background on my laptop, and I made it take up my entire background, so it was stretched a bit. When my mom saw it she started freaking out because "once you stretch the picture it won't go back to normal."
Jessica Someone from SUNY Geneseo

My grandma, to this day, still thinks that all those porn sites in the web history were pop-ups.

My dad got a new computer. He printed all the documents he had on the old one, so he could type them up again on the new one. He said he didn't want to lose the stuff he had.
Kevin Ware

When I'm helping my dad with the computer and I tell him to click on something, he asks "Right click or left click?" almost every time.
Aaron R from UMD

My brother took the year off to go to Israel so my entire family all got skype accounts to video chat with him. When my grandparents and I were video chatting with my brother, my grandma asked my brother over skype if the video feed was live.
Noah B

My mom asked me to help her with a college class assignment. She had to find and print out an example of an outfit she would wear to an interview. After showing her Google images I asked if she knew how to copy and paste. She responded, "Ya but I don't want a cartoon." She wasn't aware that copying and pasting doesn't just refer to clip art.
Liz Koss from FSU

I'm a bartender and was talking with a woman at my bar the other night. She told me she was excited because she had just purchased new shape up sneakers and couldn't wait to get toned up. What truly excited her she told me was that she was going to get extra toned up in no time because she was going to wear the sneakers to bed while she slept. She thinks shape ups work simply by having them on her feet.
cameron tylek

I met my mum for lunch today and she asked me "What's an Ewok?" I just laughed and asked why. She said, "Because I think I saw one." I told her they are the little bear things from Star Wars and she said, "Oh, no. What are the things that are a bit like goths?" She had seen an emo.
Kester Smith from UK

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