The Ghosts

It's unlikely you'll ever see these people in the first week, actually. You may glimpse them as they move their things into their rooms, but that's about it. They remain cooped up all week, uninterested in associating themselves with others. They probably go home every chance they get, defeating the purpose of living on residence.

Threat Alert – Non-existent


The Council Members

These guys are usually part of the welcoming committee who help you find your room, direct you to the bathroom, dining hall, and other important facilities. They're usually too perky for their own good and they try too hard to fit in with the first-years. They're like live-in principles.

Threat Alert – Minimal


The RAs

Like the Council Members, they help welcome you into the residence, but they're more like the "friendly cop" than the "friendly principle", which makes it doubly awkward to hang out with them, since it means that one minute, they'll be your best friend, and the next minute, they're busting you for breaking Quiet Hours. But when you need them most, they're no where to be found.

Threat Alert – Low


The Second-Years

Apparently one year of living in the crappy conditions of residence wasn't enough for these brave souls because they're back for round two. They know all the house cheers, they got the school colours down pat, and they insist on flaunting their excessive school spirit in your face. But don't sass them for it; they're in cahoots with the RAs and the Council Members.

Threat Alert – Medium


The 'You-Have-to-Know-Me' Person

Usually a girl, this person makes it her business to introduce herself to everyone in the residence. She won't remember your name in a week, but somehow, she expects you to remember hers, and she'll make a scene if she sees you in a month and you don't remember who she is. She thinks that by going around saying "Hi", it will make her instantly popular. It won't.

Threat Alert – Above Low


The Drinkers

These guys are the ones who are in university for one thing and one thing only: Drinking! They have a plastic red cup in their hands at all times, they're drunk before 2PM, and they hassle anyone not drinking. It’s unlikely they'll survive Frosh Week.

Threat Alert – Medium


The Study-Freaks

It's first week of university, and they're already hitting the books. You'll see them frequently on their way to the library because it's too loud in residence. They're already having a mid-term crisis, and they haven't even received their first assignment yet.

Threat Alert – Low


The Hush Police

These people are not actually RAs or Council Members, or anyone of authority. They're just people who want to sleep at 10PM on a Saturday night, and they'll shush every party-goer that walks past their room. They won't hesitate to call an RA on you, even if you're having a quiet conversation down the hall from them 2 hours before Quiet Hours.

Threat Alert – High


The Loudmouths

This group of giggling girls is always making noise at all hours of the day. Usually consisting of three or four girls, they've latched onto each other rather quickly, and now employ the open-door policy on each other's rooms. They're unnecessarily loud, as if trying to prove to everyone that they have friends, and they have no respect for Quiet Hours. Don't tell them to hush or they'll hit you with some hardcore high-schooler insults.

Threat Alert – Above Medium


The Sluts

These girls are walking jailbait. They're either 17 or just barely turned 18, and their biological clock is telling them to have sex with anything that moves. It's the first time in their lives that they've been away from their overbearing parents, and they're ready to let loose and party hard. They probably won't make it through Frosh Week STD-free.

Threat Alert – Very High


The Rando

This guy doesn't know how he got here, where he is, or how much he drank. He's no university student. He just likes to party with the Froshers. He can be found in the student lounge, splayed out on a couch, engaging in a conversation with a pillow, too intoxicated to move. He just may walk off with your sweater and not even know it.

Threat Alert – Above Medium


The Guy with the Subwoofer

Seems like a pretty cool guy. He's got a sweet sound system in his room that's perfect for hosting parties, he's got a fair collection of liquor, courtesy of his older brother, and he's even got a strobe light. People will be chanting his name all week long. But after Frosh Week is over, no one will remember this guy. He'll slowly become known as "that annoying guy whose bass thumps against my wall" in a month's time.

Threat Alert – Medium


The Of-Age Guy

This guy is of legal drinking age, so all the underagers depend on him to buy the booze. Because of the fact that none of these underagers have ever stepped foot inside a liquor store and know very little about liquor, he can get away with overcharging them and buying them the cheap stuff.

Threat Alert – Above Medium, if you're one of his customers


The Pesky Roommate

You just moved in. You're unpacking your stuff. You're making a note of where you want to put everything. And then the Roommate arrives. Everything they do the minute they walk in the door pisses you right off. They shove your stuff aside. They lay claims on wall space you had reserved for posters. They're slobs. They're kleptomaniacs. They're control freaks. They clip their toenails in the middle of the night. They snore. And you're stuck with them for 8 months. Enjoy.

Threat Alert – Very High


The Parents

Mom and Dad don't trust you enough to know how to live on your own, even if all your meals are taken care of for you and all your needs are met. No, Mom and Dad will buzz around during the daylight hours all through your first week, embarrassing you and preventing you from making friends during this crucial time. Hang on a sec, hon, you've got something on your face. There we go! Oh, by the way, everyone saw that.

Threat Alert – Very, Very High