Brain: Knifed! Bitch didn't see me commin'. Now gimme that AK47 OM NOM NOM.


Stomache: urgg gurrrgle gurggrgg


Brain: Oh what the hell. Stomache would you just lay off for a second? My boys about to run train on these bitches.


Brain: Wait! Wait! AWW what the fu*k stomache, could you just for once let us complete an 8 hour grind of COD?

Legs:  Wait. What. Holy Sh*t we're getting up. Christ I barely even remember how to do this.

Brain: Looks like my boy needs something to keep him grindin for another few hours. Better make it quick, these noobs arn't gonna pwn themselves.


Mouth: Oh baby! It's that time again! Lets get that double down everyones talking about!

Brain: Sorry mouth, this kids got himself set on something else.


Eyes: Looks like were gettin 2 Jalepeno bean and Cheese burritos…annddddd he's smothering them in hot sauce.

Mouth: Fu*k this is good, a little on the spicy side but thats how we like it!

15 Min Later


Brain: Stomache stop making my boy feel like hell, we got more important Sh*t to deal with.


Small Intestine: Perfect, another serving of burritos and hot sauce, no nutrients to absorb here! On to the large intestine you go.


Large Intestine: Almost there bitches.


Anus: Yo brain, what did our boy eat for dinner again?


Brain: I dunno, jalepeno burritos and hot sauce or some sh*t.


Legs: Wait. Where are we going now? Why are we moving so fast?


Anus: Noooo. Nooooooooo. Oh God nooooooo!