"Stoop kids afraid to leave his stoop!" It's been muttered for ages throughout the dorms, during recess, and even politics. But what ever happened to Stoop Kid, did he ever leave, or did he stay?


The Urban Dictionary has two definitions for Stoop Kid




stoop kid

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a kid whoose afraid to leave his stoop (see. stoop) will not play games with other children and only interacts as they walk passed, often bullied and teased


stoop kid

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(n) a friend who constantly declines invitations to hang out, spend time, or leave his/her house.


On a side note I'll take inspiration from the second description and direct the term Stoop Kid as a college friend who says he'll come visit, but never does. You know who they are, and if you don't know anyone that this pertains to then it's a good chance you're the Stoop Kid.


Back to the topic of discussion. The answer is yes my fellow Americans, Stoop Kid indeed got off his stoop.


His real name…..Danny Cooksey. According to his wikipedia page he became the lead singer of a band called Bad4Good. They came out with one CD named Refugee, but as you and I both know that band never really caught fire.


Thats not it though, Stoop Kid had bundles of determination, he dabbled in film, television, and even video games. You probably didn't even know, but when you were playing Medal of Honor, Need For Speed, and Xiaolin Showdown that some of the voices you heard were provided by Stoop Kid. He went onto star in television in shows such as Diff'rent Stroke and Salute Your Shorts.



As for Stoop Kid now….he is a makeup artist, has a wife named Amber, and has a daughter named Zoe


Stoop Kid left his stoop.