So everyone is excited about the 3DS (Nintendo) so I heard in detail that you don’t wear 3D glasses for new system…..WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!! How am I suppose to AT the 3D with no glasses, seriously that is the biggest rip off in (not just video games) but cultural history, any who but Nintendo had a couple fails like the R.O.B. for example and a few successes but 3D w/o glasses……. Please, only hell knows that will not go as planned (as Nintendo thinks it will) but the success out of the Nintendo company is the wii because it can stream movies from netflix (but I’m flat broke BOOOO!!!!), buy classic and new titles of games straight From the shopping channel (you can buy wiiware games and channels there too FYI) surf the internet, and lots more, that was my theory on the new Nintendo 3DS -picklegal1

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