Girl: we need to chat soon
Guy: about?
Girl :us
Guy: what is there to talk about?
Girl: like are we ready to date other people and move on?
Guy: yes you can move on…
Girl: have you moved on completely?
Guy: i have moved on but im not gonna daye
Girl:your not going to what?
Guy: date
Girl: but i think that means we need to stop hooking up
Guy: ok….
Girl: trust me i dont want to because i LOVE hooking up with you but i cant handle this many boys
Guy: hahahaha thats cool with me
Girl: trust me i will miss everything about hooking up with you
Guy: hahahah ok
Girl: like gosh your soo good at pleasing me
Guy: ill take that as a compliment hahaha
Girl: you should because no one can please me like you do
Guy: sexualy?
Girl: yes
Guy: ah gotcha well that means alot since i know the scope of the age of guys
Girl: haha yeahi mean i have been closer to my age lately
Guy: we are four months apart?
Girl: yes
Guy: ??
Girl: like the guy im kinda talking to now
Guy: well thats good for you!
Girl: hes not as close as you but hes not 4 years older
Guy: dear i care so much about this its unreal
Girl: i listen about you and your girl
Guy: hahaahahahaha yeah ok when?
Girl: i know yall have a thing
Guy: we dated for most of my highschool career and i have blatently told you i love her. yes we do "have a thing"
Girl: then why do you still hook up with me?
Guy: bc its fun and it keeps me entertained?
Girl: but you know it makes me have feelings for you
Guy: yes ususally when a girls pants are around her ankels she has feelings for the guy
Girl: i have no words
Guy: yes but you still have boobs
Girl: i hate you
Guy: come over
Girl: fine