(Mario's House)

Luigi: (Comes running with a letter) Mario, Mario, I just got a letter from Toad, Bowser has stolen the princess again.

Mario: (sighs) Jesus Christ everyday with this shit.

Luigi: What should we do?

Mario: We? We? What do you mean we? I'm going to go save the princess and you are going to clean this house and make my dinner.

Luigi: But I want to help!

Mario: (Backhands him) Bitch, did I say asked what you wanted? If this house isn't spotless and my speacil post princess- sex meal isn't on this table when I get back I'M GONNA MAKE YOU PAY GOT IT BITCH?

Luigi: Y-Yes

Mario: Good, I'm going to go now, remember what I said and don't worry Luigi, I'm sure Luigi's masion 2 is right around the coner… HAHAHA