The popular reality channel TLC has been just that in recent years.  To show off their recent success, the channel has announced that they will be creating a channel in China.  I was given an exclusive list and lineup for their spring season.

Two Kids and not counting

            In this shocking show, we follow the dangerous world of the Hwang family.  As you already know, China has a strict one child policy and this family has not abided.  The Hwang family has to live on the run and face humiliation everywhere they turn for having so many gosh darn kids!  It’s a challenging life and an expensive one at that because of their many kids.


            There are some awful people out there.  Especially the lowlifes that snoop around the internet.  I am talking about people that do things like go on Google after 5:00 PM.  Internet crimes in China are offenses punishable by death.  If you swear on Facebook, you get the chair.  Yelp…CHAIR.  This very site, THE CHAIR.  It is a hard life for the brave officers that go to these offenders homes and give them what they deserve for their logging on.

            Unfotunately TLC has only given me rights to give word on these shows, but just wait until in hits China TVs in the spring.