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There was a kid that lived in my hall that got on everyone's nerves. So one day a kid stole his phone and replaced all the names in his contacts with the names of pokemon and had people call him and talk to him as if they were the pokemon they showed up as in his contacts.

John H.

One of my "friends" needed a place to stay for a couple weeks, so I offered for him to stay at my house w/my other roommates. Well those couple weeks turned into almost 6 months. He offered to pay rent after the second month and then ended up paying for 3 out of the 6 months. When I asked for the rest of the rent after being fed up with him not chipping in, he all of a sudden NEEDS to move out. Well unfortunately for him, he ordered pizza on my computer and put in his credit card information, which is now saved on the account. I am getting that rent back, one free pizza at a time.
Ryan M.

I moved in with my boyfriend and it ended up being a total disaster. He never did anything around the apartment, I was constantly cleaning up after him and doing all the cooking, making him lunches for work etc. I put up with it for awhile but then he started being an asshole to me and I was getting pretty fed up. One day I was making pasta, but realized I didn't have enough sauce, so I borrowed a can from a neighbor. I opened the can and it was all chunky and weird smelling, so I checked the expiry date and it was expired by like 2 years. I used it anyways and could barely contain my laughter when I asked him how it tasted and he said it was really good. He never figured out why he had the runs for two days afterwards, he totally deserved it.

I study architecture at a art school so I share a room with two free arts majors, one of them is a pretty normal person, the other one not so much. She is the kind of person who needs complete silence for everything, we on the other hand are the kind of people who need music to breathe, so you can imagine we get along really swell. Her punchline is "could you please turn the music off, I need to think." It wouldn't matter if she actually had legit reasons for asking silence like studying and such, but she tends to use the silent time to stare at walls or similar deep activities. Lately it's gotten worse, now she's disturbed by typing on laptops and such. So guess who got Guitar Hero:World Tour on their laptop recently? Also, my stuff is somehow always in her way for reasons unknown. Being passive-aggressive has never before tasted so sweet.
Kerstin K.

My roommate is an overall nice guy, but he never flushes the toilet. I told him more than once to flush the fucking toilet when he is done using it, but he never listens so now whenever he doesn't flush a little bit of that dirty toilet water goes into his morning bowl of cereal. Eat up josh, eat up.
Micheal B.

I know these confessions usually start off with how awful a roommate is and how the person gets payback on their stuff. With that said I have nothing against my Frat brother Chris who lived under me in our off Campus House, but I have to get something off my chest. The girl you've been dating for two years and want to marry is one of my good friends and I had a reputation in college with sleeping around so she would always come upstairs and talk to me about your sex life and how you were always preoccupied with other things and not having sex with her enough. It was innocent enough until you guys broke up briefly last year and she came to my room to tell me how she couldn't be with someone like you. One thing led to another and we wound up having sex a few times. I was going to tell you but you guys got back together and we lived together so it would have felt weird. I moved out of the state since then but it's been on my mind. I felt guilty, that's why I did extra chores. Sorry Bro.
Michael C from SUNY Binghamton

I live in a dorm room that has two floors connected by a spiral staircase. Me and my two roommates who live downstairs constantly make fun of and prank each other. One day they were both across the hall in a room with about five girls. I snuck downstairs to mess with their computer. I found one of my roommates back in the room. We flipped open my other roommate's laptop. then proceeded to open up gay porn on his desktop and then closed it so the first thing he would see upon opening it was gay porn. Five minutes later he comes strolling back into the room, grabs his laptop and yells over his shoulder to the girls in the other room "I wanna show you guys a video I made!". He took the laptop without opening it first and brought it into their room. Needless to say when he opened it to show "the video he made" the whole room got a big shock. It was hilarious!
Jon B. from University of Rhode Island

Dear Roommate/Best Friend, if you suck your boyfriend's dick one more time when I'm in the room, I'm going to tell him that you've been sleeping with the guy who lives below us, along with the fifty other random boys you meet at the parties you don't tell him about. Oh, and also, I've been fucking your brother behind your back. Love you!
Sweet Pea

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