(In Pallet town, Ash goes to wild grass)

Oak: Stop Ash! You can't go into the grass without a Pokemon to protect you.

Ash: Really? Im mean it doesn't really seem like an issue there are only two types of small Pokemon in this place and there are only small birds and rats.

Oak: Yeah I know… they could KILL you!

Ash: I really don't see any reason why I can't go. I have this baseball bat and I could just hit them with it and then catch it.

Oak: No… you can't do that.

Ash: Why not?

Oak: …You just can't do that okay, now follow me!

(That stupid following a person music starts playing)

Ash: Hey wait! Why can't I stop following you? What's that stupid music playing!

Oak: You're going to play the game whether want to or not!

Ash: Fine, but I get to name my rival faggot because you can never remember.

Oak: Right! His name is faggot! I always forget!