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Remember how on move in day you said I was a slut because I was wearing eyeliner? Every time you got sick it was because I was taking Q-tips swiped through bacteria samples from the bio lab and swished it inside your water bottle. You're lucky I couldn't find any STD cultures.

C.B. from Grove City College

We were on the news because an entire floor of people peed on one guys door the entire year, the school tried to charge us 18,000 for carpet damage.
A.W. from Augsburg

Every moment my roommate spends outside of class is spent in our room watching TV. Personally, I was never really a fan of TV. One day she skipped all her classes and sat in front of the TV and watched Jersey shore and teen mom for 14 hours straight. I drew the line there. That night after she fell asleep, I disconnected the cable cord from the outlet, broke the connecting piece, and then reconnected them to make it look like nothing had changed. Since then, all of her free time has been spent trying to fix the TV.
Yolanda E. from University of Dayton

My freshman year, my roommate was basically an ass. He had no respect for my things and he learned that when I was sitting at my computer, I could easily be startled. He would sneak up behind me and yell to scare me. I am a pretty easy-going guy, so at first I would just laugh it off, but when it started happening a few times a day, it started to get old. Eventually I told him that if he didn't stop, I was going to hurt him. He just said, "oh, I'm really scared." I told him that I wasn't trying to scare him, but if he didn't stop, it was going to happen. He didn't listen. So the next time he did it, I stood up with the gel-filled wrist rest I had for my keyboard. He bolted for the door, and I smacked him in the back with it as hard as I could. He fell on the ground and looked like he was about to cry. Needless to say, it never happened again.
Alex M. from Purdue University

I feed my boogers to your dog.

In my first year of University, my dorm room was right next to a guy who was known to all as "Dirty Dave"; a dime-a-dozen slime ball who earned his title by both stopping at nothing to get laid and by having a dubious grasp on the concept of hygiene. One week, he decided that it would be 'funny' to periodically rub his STD-riddled dick on the doorknobs of everyone on the floor who he didn't agree with! Since I had called him out on his crap before, on account of having a low tolerance for douche-bags, my door was included on his list. Common threats weren't going to deter the persistent prick, so I decided to give poetic justice a try. So I lathered the doorknob to my room with a hearty solution of hydrochloric acid! I wasn't around to witness the results of my trap, but his offending behavior stopped abruptly thereafter. I guess it takes a specific -brand- of negative reinforcement to actually leave a -mark- on him.
Scott C.

Its pretty shitty that you keep me up past 2 am every school night with your talking to yourself/music. Its even shittier you wake me up before 7 every morning with the same garbage. When do you sleep? Well, I know for sure you wont sleep this week. I locked, bolted, and barricaded my door with Funk Soul Brother blasting as loud as I could. And my iPod is plugged in so it's not going to stop anytime soon. Joe and I are sleeping with our GFs this week. I know you won't get through the door, and I know you won't call the cops because the "substances" you keep in your room smell pretty bad. Happy studying Asshat!
Jonah S. from UWL

Every month I give my roommate the rent check because the apartment is under his name, so he pays the full amount then I reimburse him. Well this month I was running a little late because I couldn't find the sheet of paper with the bills on it. I found it the Monday before Thanksgiving, wrote a check, and put it on his bed. He finally got around to cashing it that the Friday when I was already home. Out of nowhere I get a text from him saying "YOU FAGGET!!! you would do that!!" Until that moment I forgot what I wrote on the memo line. Thinking he'd see it and just laugh I wrote “For Sexual Favors.”He did NOT see it. He only found out when he got home and his FATHER had a talk with him. Apparently the bank manager is a good friend of my roommate’s father. The manger broke the news by saying “I can get in trouble for this but if my son was, and you knew it I’d want you to tell me… is Britt gay?”
Jacob M.

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