(In Angel Land)

Godess: Pit, please help us! There is a terrible army that threats to take over all of the Angel Land! You must go down and defeat the evil army!

Pit: Wait, why the hell do you want me to go down there?!? I'm only a child. You don't have an army of your own?

Godess: No I don't.

Pit: …Why the hell not?

Godess: Because we have you Pit.

Pit: So let me get this straight, you didn't gather up an army because you thought that all you needed was me, a small child to fight an entire dark army.

Godess: Yes.

Pit: And you don't see an issue with that?

Godess: Don't worry, I will give wings and a bow and arrow.

Pit: (Sarcastically) Oh okay! That's all I need to destroy thousands of evil creatures, a fucking bow and arrow!

Godess: Listen, I know it will be hard, but I know you can do it!

Pit: Uggggghhhh, fine.

(20 minutes later)

Godess: You killed Pit didn't you?

Dark General: And teabaged him…