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The one and only thing that pisses me off about Angry Birds is the white bird who drops eggs. The egg falls vertically. In reality, it should, given the inertia, fall parabolically with the same horizontal speed as the bird was previous to dropping the egg.

I dreamt that Blizzard had somehow got the rights to Star Wars. They were making a Starcraft and Star Wars crossover movie. It was going to feature the Terran, Republic, Rebel, and Protoss forces all fighting against the Zerg. I should point out, it wasn't the actual movie I saw in my dream, just an advertisement for it in a magazine. I got so excited I woke up.
-Greg, Wesleyan University

My World of Warcraft account has a stronger password than my bank account.

When I'm not sure about a moral decision I have to make in Fallout: New Vegas, I ask my mom.

My girlfriend also figured out that she can lag me out of xbox live by downloading stuff on her computer, so I set my Xbox to use a static IP, set it as the highest priority on my router and set her computer as the lowest. Now when I'm playing Halo or CoD she can't stream The Biggest Loser or The Apprentice, and I get to game in peace.

I got in huge trouble with my parents once. I don't remember what I did, but my Mom and Dad took away all of my books for a week. I have never again cried as hard as I did that day.

I think I just got an endorphin high from walking up two flights of stairs to my friend's room.