Okay, I know it's rushing it, writing an article first thing after signing up to the website, but I had an epiphany last night, and I just had to share it with the world.  Even if it's not published, if anyone out there could just take the time to read this, I would be a happier person.  So here it is: the story of how CollegeHumor changed my life.

First, some background info.  It's interesting, actually, how I came to know about the website.  Back in high school, I would be watching videos online, when suddenly I would notice an ad for some video on CollegeHumor—you know, like "POV: Really Hot Girl" or "Bowser's Minions," which were of course new at the time.  But…they looked so strange and different, and I didn't know if I could trust them…what if someone saw me watching it and didn't approve of my tastes or sense of humor?  So usually I'd ignore the ads and focus more on the Robot Chicken video clips I was watching instead.  You know, familiar territory.

Suddenly, college happened.  Which I'd been really excited for, of course—yeah, yeah, worlds better than high school and all that—but then…IT happened.  It clicked.  Somehow, I found myself at the CollegeHumor website, and I began to watch the videos.  And they suddenly made sense to me—there must be some correlation between being at college age and finding CollegeHumor funny, but hell if I know what that is—I'm not a scientist.  Still, though, I got really into those videos, like Hardly Working, and Jake and Amir, and all those animations and music videos—there was some great stuff!

It took a while to notice that I was completely and unhealthily HOOKED on the website.

Which isn't a bad thing, necessarily.  I just found that I was watching many videos repeatedly, and I was remembering small details that a normal person wouldn't.  Take the Hardly Working segments: the birthday they all shared in "Birthdays"?  August 19, 1985.  The image that represents "Soup'd" doesn't actually show up in the clip itself.  And "Parents Game" was redone for CollegeHumor TV Show—yeah!  I even visited their website at MTV to watch all 6, count 'em, 6 episodes!  But, anyways, that sketch was redone with Sam saying Jeff's lines, and they just cut out the rest!  No normal person would notice that!!  But I would because I was officially obsessed with the website by then!!

The fun didn't end there!  Soon, I was checking out the photo galleries and the articles.  And I was inadvertently remembering random things about the site:  I was there when "Full Benefits" and "Very Mary Kate" were starting; I know most of the cast's names, first and last (even Ricky's! What?!); I had checked out the partner sites like Busted Tees and Dorkly; I knew who Caldwell Tanner was.  I couldn't stop, but I wasn't even trying!  It was terrible!  And great!  …It was greatible!

Then, there came a day where my admiration for the site gave way to a strange impulse—

—Okay, don't judge me on this, but…look, you know you would've tried it too, eventually—

Sooo…I sent Facebook friend requests to, basically, all the main cast members.

All right, yes, at face value, that is a slightly creepy endeavor, but think about it—there must be at least one person in your friend list that you didn't know when you accepted them.  Admit it.  And I figured with so many of them, and seeming like pretty friendly people at that, it was worth a shot.  So, I searched for their legit profiles (the trick is to attach C******** V******* to the end—you're only worthy to search for them if you know what that means), I sent the requests, and I waited.  And eventually…a few responded!  And said yes!!  I'd be lying if I said it didn't make my day—hey, I seriously respect these people!  So far, by "these people," right now I mean:

1. Josh
2. Vincent
3. Sam
4. Murph
5. Luke

Though I could possibly give some others the benefit of the doubt.  After all, Streeter and Pat had too many requests apparently, so I couldn't…but hey, that makes sense.  They must be pretty popular.  And Sarah, Jake, and Amir's profiles might've gotten my request as spam, according to Facebook, but come on, we do have 5 mutual friends now, so it's not that weird!  Right?

It's kinda cool, though, that now I can indirect updates to the site through their Facebook updates—it's just neat, I guess.  It almost feels like a small backstage pass.  Anyways, I feel special.

This…leads me to the epiphany I mentioned earlier.

See, I was on late last night, when Vince happened to post the late-night video, "GO TO SLEEP!"  I thought the video was hilarious, because it described my situation perfectly—the past week or so, I had been staying up late with random Internet perusing, and it was like Dan had a camera installed in my house while I was out, which…I'll have to…check later…the point is though, I thought it was funny, and I wanted to comment on it somehow.

But there my troubles began.  For instance, I noticed that some of Dan's jokes were told during the latest CollegeHumor Offline a while ago, but I thought that might be insensitive or something.  Then I thought I would just comment on Vince's link on his wall, saying something unimportant like "ha i totally went to sleep right after I saw that, thanks for the advice lol" and it would be funny because I would type it at, like, midnight.  THEN, I decided to do one better, and wait until morning to comment with something extremely witty like, "Loved the video, and you'll notice I'm commenting now because I actually went to sleep after watching it—but I did consider commenting last night, but I don't really know you, so I figured I should come up with the most witty response so you wouldn't think I was weird and I stayed up so late lastnighttryingtocomeupwithsomethingfunnyLOOKATWHATYOUVEDONETOME"

That was too long.  And weird.  I ended up not commenting.

But it might not be so weird if I created an account an posted it…on here! On the CollegeHumor website!  GENIUS!

Which is why I'm here now.  I figured I was so immersed in the world of CollegeHumor that it was my duty to contribute to it with a heartfelt testimonial.  And so I did.  I feel better off having done so.  Therefore, if you have spent the time to read this in its entirety, then the effort was worth it.  It's really long, but I had to get it all in there.  And I have no regrets.  I feel better now anyways.

And here, on this website, I feel right at home.  And not just because I'm usually in my house while visiting it.
Thank you, CollegeHumor!


…Now, if someone would just accept the request of mine to change my profile picture, because I selected the photo I want maybe five or six times about an hour ago, and the message says it only takes a few minutes, but I feel like I've earned it now.  And I think the initial picture is funny and good incentive to get people to put their own pics, but I've done that now, and I'm a loyal fan and I constantly check back to watch your new videos and otherusershavetheirownpictureswhycan'tyouchangemineWHATHAVEIDONETODESERVETHIS—