After appearing in Star Wars, Chewbacca became a household name. With the film trilogies meteoric rise and box office success, Chewbacca quickly joined the likes of Alf, Benji and Robin Williams as one of the world’s most loved hairy creatures. However, once Star Wars finished, what became of the Wookiee from the forest planet of Kashyyk? After all, what work was out there for an 8’ tall beast that was completely covered in hair?

Using the millions of dollars he had earned from the Star Wars saga, Chewbacca lived the high life with Hollywood’s elite. Chewbacca frequented tabloids and the covers of gossip magazines, with many reports that he had a serious drug and alcohol problem. His life quickly spiralled out of control, and, after numerous stints in rehab and a drunk-driving arrest, he faced his biggest demon yet: a gambling addiction.

The famous words of advice from A New Hope; “Let the Wookiee win.” were quick to appear in the minds of anyone who faced Chewbacca at the poker table. Even the most competitive player folded at the image of having their arms ripped off by the menacing creature.

Close friend Harrison Ford came out with Chewbacca’s gambling problem to the media, and he was soon admitted to yet another rehabilitation centre. The 12-step program was a success, and Chewie made his triumphant return to the silver screen as Bigfoot, starring in the 1990 hit Harry And The Hendersons.

On July 19 1999, the world was rocked by the news that Chewbacca was missing. Many feared he had committed suicide after returning to his dangerous lifestyle of drugs, parties and gambling, but his body was never found. Some say that as he got older he began to wish to return home to Kashyyk to settle down with those of his own race, yet this was made impossible by the slow advancement of space travel technology. Therefore, many believe that Chewbacca retreated to the woodlands of North-Western America due to it’s likeness to his home planet.

Could this be the solution to the Bigfoot myth?

Could it be just a homesick Wookiee, out of work and out of luck, wandering the forests in search of something more?